Used Lawn Trailer For Sale

March 3, 2010

Here is a great big deal you don’t want to miss on a great big trailer.  It is a dual axle, heavy duty, 16 foot used lawn trailer with 2 foot high mesh sides.  Big and tough and ready to haul.  Best of all, it is only $1395!  Try to find a lawn trailer this big at that price anywhere else.

Used lawn trailer

Used Heavy Duty Lawn Trailer


Goldilocks Finds Her Lawn Trailer – Then Gets Eaten by Bear

February 26, 2010

Goldilocks was looking for the perfect lawn trailer.  4×8 seemed a bit small and 5.5×12 seemed a bit too big.  But 5×10, well that seemed just right.  So Goldilocks loaded it up with a year’s supply of porridge, hooked it to the back of her Prius and drove away.  Unfortunately, she never made it out of the driveway…

We don’t have any bears at EZ Pull Trailers, so you’re safe to come on in and take a look at our lawn trailers.  We have our “just right” sized 5×10 lawn trailer on sale now – only $685 – marked down from $735.  This is a popular model so don’t wait – you’ll have a bear of a time finding a deal this good elsewhere.

5x10 Lawn Trailer

5x10 Lawn Trailer

Lawn Trailer that’s Light on it’s Feet – and Your Wallet

February 18, 2010

We love big trailers.  Big is good.  But sometimes big can be overkill.  So we make smaller trailers too.  Not wimpy little trailers.  Wimpy is never good.

Small, tough and affordable.  That’s what this 4 x 8 lawn trailer is all about.  It normally sells for $590, but we have it on sale for only $550.  Act fast before it rolls off our lot.  We carry hitches too if you are not yet outfitted for utility trailer towing.

Come on in or call us at (352) 564-1299.

4x8 Lawn Trailer

Handy little 4x8 lawn trailer

Lawn Trailer Big Enough for a Blizzard

February 11, 2010

Load up the snow mobiles, cross country skis, husky dogs and all your sweaters Aunt Gertrude ever knitted for you cause we’re headed for DC!  Ok, maybe we’re not, but if you really want to, you can haul all your blizzard gear there with this 5.5 foot x 12 foot utility and lawn trailer. Likely your snow mobile is really a four wheeled vehicle with rotating blades on the bottom and your pack of huskies is really a lab named Butch.  Now attaching skis to the front wheels of your mower would be pretty cool, but we can’t promise we won’t laugh at some of those sweaters.

So even if the worst of our Florida winter is scrapping some ice off our car windows in the early mornings, this utility / lawn trailer is built blizzard tough.  And best of all the price won’t snow you over as it is on sale now for only $925!  Oooh, feel that refreshing chill down your spine…

5.5 x 12 Utility / Lawn Trailer

If Wonder Woman Had a Utility Trailer, This Would Be It

November 12, 2008

If you like to see the world under your feet, this mesh floor see-through economy utility lawn trailer is just the thing.  Scantily clad in a one-piece, low-cut steel chassis lets you show everyone the load you’re carrying – hey, if you got it flaunt it!  But don’t be fooled by the femine charms, this 5×8 is tougher than a 2×4 and can put the smack down on thugs that don’t treat it right.  So activate your Wonder Twin powers and come on by with your invisible jet – we’re sure we have a hitch in stock that will work.

5x8 Utility Lawn Trailer with Mesh Floor

5x8 Utility Lawn Trailer with Mesh Floor

Pressure Treated (PT) Cruiser – Utility Lawn Trailer Coolness

November 11, 2008

Cruise up to your next landscaping job in style with this pressure treated (PT) cruiser.  Heck, load up the EZ Boy and take it to the beach.  Relax, the pressure is treated.  Nothing here to get your bent out of shape.  In fact, it’s tough steel frame is the cure to getting bent.  Take two and call us in the morning.  Call us for pricing too!

5 foot by 8 foot economy utility lawn trailer.  Has a 4 foot gate, pressure treated pine floor, 2 inch ball and 1 foot open sides.

5x8 Utility Lawn Trailer with PT Pine Floor

5x8 Utility Lawn Trailer with PT Pine Floor

Built For Speed – Your Utility Lawn Trailer Need

November 7, 2008
Slim and trim and ready to slice through the wind.  Includes areodymanic wind intakes and outlets.  Space age pressure treated, low profile wood flooring.  High performance rear spoiler that can be raised or lowered to match atmospheric conditions.  Yeah, this 4 ft x 8 ft Economy Lawn Utility Trailer Baby is ready to be hooked up!  Works with small sporty cars as well as big burly trucks – heck, even a Miata, if that’s your kind of thing.
4x8 Utility Lawn Trailer

4x8 Utility Lawn Trailer